I read the other day that Knoxville’s NBC affiliate WBIR is going to suspend production of any new episodes of the Heartland Series. The show is a locally produced history feature that is played daily on the network and once for a half-hour segment on Saturday. The stories are news features that are rich in East Tennessee and Appalachian heritage and history. The episodes are an educational look at the past. It’s a shame that the economy is making the network choose to sacrifice rare gems like this one in order to continue to produce these gag-me-with-a-spoon-type of snippet, trendy news shows that offer a glimpse of what’s coming up on the next newscast in an hour or two. Shows like “Live at Five at Four”, a show that previews what’s coming up – How retarded is that? I had the pleasure of meeting Bill Landry one time and interviewing him for a story. He is a genuine person who really cares about local history and passing it down to the next generation. WBIR will continue to play reruns of shows already produced, but will not schedule production of any new shows after September. I hope they change their minds before making a silly mistake! There’s a petition group on Facebook for anyone who cares to join in the fight against canceling the show. Terry Morrow aka Telebuddy broke the story on his blog. Great work Terry! There’s a strong movement on the Internet to keep the show going. If you’re interested there is more info available at this petition Web site.