The Seattle Post-Intelligencer will roll off the presses for the last time Today.
The Hearst Corp. announced Monday that it would stop publishing the 146-year old newspaper, Seattle’s oldest business, and cease delivery to more than 117,600 weekday readers. It will continue as an online only edition. You can read the full story HERE.
A piece I heard on NPR this morning posed the question can the Internet save local news?
Personally, I don’t think so. Not the news that I know or think about. Online news loses the local flare. The online edition only is going to concentrate more on pop and fluff pieces and lifestyle content, recipes, etc… There will be no more hard-hitting investigative pieces on government, corruption, etc… After all, this kind of stuff is offensive to advertisers. They won’t want to risk losing ad revenue.
I’m sorry, but this whole newspaper thing has me quite disturbed.
How can we afford, as a nation, to sacrifice an industry that has helped identify who we are as people?
I was at Cracker Barrel Old Country Store this past weekend and saw a family of five sitting around the table with a Sunday newspaper spread out all over the table. Each of them were reading a different section and discussing what they had read. It was a sight that I’m afraid has become so uncommon it frightens me to the core! It was refreshing to see.