200-shenandoahMy daughter, Sara, and I went to the Cumberland County Playhouse last night to see the opening performance of Shenandoah. I must say I was extremely impressed.
It was a very moving and highly energized show.
If you’ve never seen the show, I highly recommend it. The show is based on the Jimmy Stewart movie that was made in the 60s. There was a Broadway musical done based on the movie. The Playhouse has a great reputation in the South as one of THE best theaters. The quality of the shows, sets and performances are often as well, if not better, than those of Broadway.
Shenandoah is set during the Civil War and the actors bring the Civil War to life in this show. The convincing performances help the audience to gain a greater understanding of how the Civil War tore families and communities apart in the South.
The lead is played by Steve Ayers, who has performed in several TV shows and movies over the past 19 years. There are several other professionals in lead roles as well as volunteers. All of them do an amazing job. The choreography, music (which is performed live by the house orchestra) acting and scene work is very professional. The Playhouse has produced many actors and backstage crew who have gone on to become professionals on Broadway and in Hollywood. Bob Gunton and Julie Ann Emery are just a couple of pros who got there start at CCP
If you’re in the Tennessee area within the next couple of months I highly recommend taking a day and driving to the Cumberland County Playhouse and seeing Shenandoah.
Scheduling is available on the theater’s Web site and tickets can be purchased by calling 931-484-5000.