This was an interesting piece I recently read about in the Hilltop Express. A woman who got caught in someone’s home tried to talk her way out of it by saying she wasn’t robbing the home – no she was in there looking for ghosts. Here’s the full story by my friend Dale Welch:

A Monterey woman, who, according to the police report, said she was really looking for ghosts, found only trouble instead.
Wendy Hargis (aka Oliverson), of Hwy. 70N was charged with aggravated burglary in the incident.
According to Monterey Police Detective Sgt. Jackie McQuiston, he responded to a call about a person breaking into a house on S. Poplar St., in Monterey. The homeowner had gotten a call from an alarm company that a silent alarm had been set off inside the house. When the homeowner arrived, he allegedly found Hargis and held her at gunpoint until police arrived.
Sgt. McQuiston alleged that Hargis had used a bucket and battery to get up to a window that she broke out to gain entry. Once inside, she went through the cabinets and things inside the residence.
The homeowner reported that it looked as if she was gathering things to take out.
When asked by Sgt. McQuiston, what she was doing there, she reportedly replied that she was looking for ghosts.
Hargis was transported to jail and a 2008 Chevy pickup truck, which turned out to be a rental vehicle, was impounded by police. Hargis goes to court on July 27.