There has been so much outpouring of love concern and donations of medical supplies, food and resources for the victims in Haiti. It was such a horrible tragedy and the people need help. However, I knew would be just a matter of time before people became tired of hearing the pleas of “Help Haiti” and start with the clamor of “we should help those in this country first.” I’ve seen it so many times before with other tragedies. I read this Blog this morning on Anderson Cooper’s 360 and was quite disturbed. I can see the point David Gewirtz is making, but I have to disagree in the sense that Haiti was a natural disaster, something that couldn’t be helped. Financial disaster, such as the case in Detroit, is something that was created by our own people, government, and irresponsible decisions. Don’t get me wrong. I know there are millions of homeless people in America who need help. I am well aware of that and help with homeless shelters and issues whenever possible. Sure we need to help our own people ~ but why does it always have to be turned into some sort of competition? Sure our own people need our help and we can do that, but that doesn’t mean that we’re wrong in helping Haiti.
Then there is this type of mentality. We should only help our own people, bring our troops home and protect our borders? How can you even deal or reason with that logic?