Easter is a time of celebrating Jesus Christ, His resurrection and the gift of His life. Somewhere along the line some people are getting a little confused. Take Bil Cornelius for example.

Cornelius is pastor of Bay Area Fellowship in Corpus Christi, Texas. The church is planning the “ultimate giveaway.” This article in the Corpus Christi Caller explains that several cars, bicycles, guitars and giftbags worth hundreds of dollars will be given away during Easter services this weekend. It’s all in an effort to reach the “unchurched” people and bring them to God, Cornelius says.
I’m thinking this money could do a lot more good for the homeless, foster children, starving people, and any other mission.
Over on her blog, my friend Karen Spears Zacharias said she’d like to smack Cornelius upside the head with a cast iron skillet! Karen just published a book (Will Jesus By Me a Doublewide) about this sort of thing and so called mega church pastors prostituting Jesus for financial gain.
Why do some feel the need to lure people into church with mega prizes? Bribing people to attend church?
Is that what the message of Christ is all about?
Cornelius responds on his blog to the criticism here.