My friend lost her daddy to a war in Vietnam in 1966 when she was just 9 years old. My heart breaks for Karen and all the others who lost loved ones to a war. As Karen points out so eloquently in a letter she wrote to the families of the fallen soldiers in 2005, it’s the families of the fallen on both sides who have to live with the consequences of war for rest of their lives. Her letter was published in Newsweek prior to the release of her book After the Flag Has Been Folded. I’ve read the book three times and it is an amazing memoir.
I’m glad our troops our done with combat in Iraq, but I’m so sad for the families of the fallen. I know directly two families who lost a son and a grandson to the war in Iraq. My heart breaks for them. I urge you to read Karen’s letter on her blog. But please, have plenty of tissues ready.