I just read a story online where the folks at Westboro Baptist Church in Topeka, KS are planning to protest at Elizabeth Edwards’ funeral.
My first thought about this is I’d like to protest this as well – I didn’t want her to die either. I can’t think of anybody who would. I mean, how do you protest a funeral? Isn’t a protest against something?
Elizabeth Edwards was a magnificent lady who lived by an example of how to live and survive through the most challenging and horrible circumstances that life can present. She is surely going to be missed not only by her friends and family, but all of her supporters in America.
Fred Phelps, Meagan Phelps and the cronies of Westboro Baptist Church are just pulling their attention mongering stunts in order to get their name out there and draw attention to themselves.
They remind of the classic, spoiled-brat child example. When a sibling gets attention for doing something good then the spoiled child, (WBC) in this case, pulls something outlandish and extreme in order to get the attention of everyone. No matter if the attention is negative or is that of disgust – it’s still attention that leads people to know of their existence.
These mongrels feast off the publicity of others and try to attach themselves to it and hoard it for themselves like big, fat, slimy attention leeches.
God doesn’t hate, He loves.
Westboro Baptist Church is nothing but a tax-exempt hate group hoping for more attention to their hate-filled agenda.
Let me ask this, has anybody ever seen WBC promote something positive they’ve done for somebody or an organization with value. Do they help the homeless, feed the hungry or help the needy?
The judgment they pass on others and promote like its the Gospel is a disgrace to God, Jesus and any loving creature. Have they ever promoted anything other than hate?
I can’t think of any passage in the Bible that commands us to promote hate.