A man was arrested in Anderson County Tennessee this past weekend after he was indicted by the county’s Grand Jury for repeatedly striking his son with a full cup of coffee and then a stool.
According to the Knoxville News Sentinel, Lewis Harvey Maiden, 62, said “what happened was an attitude adjustment.”
I couldn’t help but immediately think of the old Hank Williams, Jr. classic song ~ Attitude Adjustment. You know the song where it is funny and okay to conk someone over the head to knock some sense into them. That saying became a big catch phrase of the 80s and 90s. If you don’t like what someone was doing, well, then they needed an “attitude adjustment.”
Well, Hank gives a much longer, drawn-out story, but you get the picture.
After watching the Super Bowl last night and witnessing no less than a few commercials where someone gets whacked with a can of Pepsi Maxx in the crotch or head, it makes me wonder. Why is violence and bashing somebody, literally, being portrayed as funny and the right thing to solve problems.
Maybe these advertising executives need an “attitude adjustment.”
Actually, with the Pepsi commercials, there was no particular reason people were being clobbered with a can of cola.
Even Roseanne Barr got whacked with a log at a logging operation over a Snickers candy bar.
Now I’m sure several people have wanted to whack Roseanne with something, but I still don’t understand the point. How does someone, liked or disliked, being a victim of a violent act, make you want to go and buy their product?
Anyway, back in Tennessee, Maiden, free on bond, was indicted Feb. 1 by the Anderson County grand jury in connection with the incident, reported in December. He is accused of aggravated assault. He allegedly assaulted his son with the full cup of coffee and then struck him with a stool in front of the son’s then 5-year-old daughter after the son and granddaughter arrived at his home. The child was knocked down during the fight.
I’m not so sure an attitude adjustment was the right way to go about solving whatever problem Maiden was having. What message does it give to the 5-year-old.